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  • Duration: 30'/60' Hours
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Departure: Consultar
  • Observations: Transfers not included.
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Tour description

30 minutes flight:
After take-off we will climb up an average altitude of 450 meters while flying over Ushuaia Bay and the city. We are going to continue over Golondrina Bay, Pipo River Valley and his waterfall, Tierra del Fuego National Park. Once in the park, the main important points are Bahía Ensenada, Lapataia Bay, Redonda Island, Roca Lake, Black and Green Lagoon, and more. We will continue west to the international border with Chile. We go back over the Beagle Channel to see Bridge Island and Les Eclaireurs lighthouse. We will return to the city while descending before landing of the old airport.

60 minutes flight:
After take-off we will climb up an average altitude of 1150 meters while flying over Ushuaia Bay towards Olivia Mount and Cinco Hermanos Mount, two important icons of the island. We will pass the Olivia Mount through Tierra Mayor Valley, seeing the Esmeralda lagoon, the Ojo del Albino Glacier, Alvear Mount and the Cerro Castor winter resort. We will cross the Andes through the Garibaldi Pass, where we will see Escondido, The Petrel Inn, the Bombilla Lagoon and Fagnano Lake (Kami). A few kilometers far we flight over Tolhuin, a small village in the heart of the Tierra del Fuego Island. After, we go back over Haberton Ranch, Snipe and Picton Islands. We will return over the Beagle Channel seeing the Martillo and Gable Islands, Almanza port northwards and Puerto Williams southwards, Remolino and Tunel Island, Les Eclaireurs lighthouse and Bridges Islands (birds and sea lions Islands). Finally, we will descend to land at the old airport.

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