Ushuaia the end of the world
Welcome to the Southernmost City in the world. Sitting between the Beagle Channel and the Martial mountain range. The only one city in Argentina located on the other side of the Andes: South. All four cardinal points have a different landscape to show us, a different environment, and that’s what you are going to experience during this Adventure.

Among other things, Ushuaia is well known for its changing weather. If you ask any local “Have you seen the forecast?” they will reply “go out and feel the weather; and watch out! It’s going to change throughout the day!” Four seasons on a day is part of the norm here. Hope you enjoy this experience of knowing shocking landscapes and unique scenarios in the World that combine the Mountains, Forests and Sea


ushuaia summer
Summer season is ideal for hiking and enjoying long days and comfortable temperatures. More than 15 hours of daylight will allow you to sail the Beagle Channel towards the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse, visit the Penguin Island, discover the National Park and its trails, go paddling on the big Lakes, adventure in a 4x4 truck over the forgotten dirt roads of the Island, watch Beavers live and camp in the mountains on multi day hiking adventures.

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ushuaia winter
Ushuaia offers the longest Winter season in South America. The diversity of sports and activities is huge: skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, going on adventures across the woods during the night, hiking the National Park, sailing the Beagle Channel towards the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse, trekking to the Martial Glacier or Esmeralda Lagoon, and much more.


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