All reservations must be made by email to and will be confirmed by replying to it and by sending the settlement of the requested services, from that moment it is considered confirmed. The settlement date will also inform the due date for prepayment and balance.

Given the market conditions, the rate are subject to change without previous notice. In case of rate increases, previously confirmed reservations will remain unchanged as long as the deadline for payment of said reservation has not been accomplish.
The prices of hotel services are per room and taxes are included.

Duration of excursions and / or transfers:
In all cases, they are approximate times and they are subject to the climatic conditions and operability of the area.
In excursions and transfers a tour leader is released every 10 passengers unless clarified. Accommodation and gastronomy services are paid 100% in all cases unless clarified. All fees, taxes and access costs will be charged 100%.

The Passenger will always be responsible for its luggage, no matter where the Passenger decides to place it in the vehicle, which is transporting the passengers. The company will not be responsible for
the loss or damage of any piece of luggage under any circumstances as only the passengers are covered under the transportation contract between the passenger and the company.

The regime of the meals offered is in accordance to specified in our itineraries and corresponding vouchers.

Conduct rights:
The company reserves the right to make the passenger leave the tour for any reason (behavior, health status, others) is a nuisance or risk to the other passengers and could therefore spoil the success of the excursion. The passenger having the right to reimbursement of the corresponding amount to the services not made in case of successive services. It is considered Unused Service to the one that has not yet begun.

The company reserves the right to alter the schedule, itinerary and excursions for its better development, without constituting this alternation of the fixed terms. Due to fortuitous causes and/or force majeure not attributable to the company, the expenses derived will be charged to the passenger. The prices may be altered in case of modification of airfares, hotels, transportation or any other factor that affects the market, in which case the company will report these changes as early as possible to minimize the inconvenience caused, even if these inconveniences exceed the company and are not their responsibility.

The company explicitly states that it operates as an agent between the Passenger and the suppliers such as transport companies, Hotels, restaurants, navigations, tourist services, among others. Therefore, it declines any type of responsibility for any deficiency in the service provided, also damage, loss, theft or damage that may be suffered by the passengers in the persons and in the goods. Whatever the cause that may, originate them. Likewise, as a traveler ́s insurance, life or personal accident insurance is not included in our services, the company is not liable for any illnesses and / or health problems that passengers may suffer, being the passengers strict responsibility to contract the
mentioned insurance at the passenger expense.

All confirmed service must be fully paid before the arrival of the passengers to destination, with a minimum of 5 days. Otherwise, the company may cancel the reservation of the services and benefits, and the costumer will lose the amount paid to confirm the reservation. All quotations that are expressed in USD will be converted into Argentinian Pesos at the operator’s exchange rate on the day of billing.

Cancellation fees:
There will be no cancellation charges for unconfirmed reservations. NO SHOW grant the right to the company to refrain from making refunds. Depending on the policies of each provider, there may be charges for cancellations or change of the itinerary, in each case the client will be informed and charges will be invoiced.

Cancellation policy:
Reservation canceled 7 days prior the service will have no cost.
Cancellation with 48 hours of advance will have a cost of 50% of the value of the service.
Within 48 hours prior to the service will be charged in full.
In the event that a pre-paid service is canceled and a refund corresponds, it will remain as a credit balance for the operator for future reservations. The cancellation of a service that implies the cancellation of subsequent services, it will be charged the cancellation fee of all of the services, applying the cancellation policy of the first service. In the event, that another of lower value replaces one of the reserved services (in the same day); it will be charged 100% of the value of the services requested in the first term.

Knowledge of conditions:
Once you make the payment, it is automatically established that the client knows and accepts these general conditions, as well as knows the necessary documentation for travelers in the country and abroad, taking charge of all responsibility from acceptance of conditions and releasing the company of any responsibility in this regard. Likewise, it is expressly stated that the passenger knows and accepts the risks inherent in the contracted services and declares himself competent to carry out all the activities included in the contracted services and for this reason, when making the purchase and making the payment it is automatically established that it frees the company from all responsibility in this regard. Even so, the company will have the necessary means to assist the passenger in their needs.

Use of Equipment:
In excursions related to Adventure tourism and other modalities, whenever it is necessary, the company will give to the Passenger the necessary material for the activity in perfect condition and the passenger will be responsible for it in full, if loss, breakage and any other failure of the same. Being forced to pay the amount equivalent to the market price of damaged or lost material or to cover the cost of repair it. The passenger declares, when contracting the services, that he knows the mode of use the equipment granted and is responsible for it.
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