December 4, 2017

Kris and Tom's blog reflects his appreciation for international cultures and active travel. It is designed for travelers over 50 who share their sense of curiosity and who are inspired to explore a variety of destinations that include historical sites, artistic and cultural centers and wildlife parks. They visited us and toured with us part of Tierra del Fuego.

"When we visited in October 2017, in early spring, we joined up with our expert guide Juan Ronco of Tierra del Fuego Aventura. We must have won some cosmic lottery to be matched up with Juan whose passion and knowledge carried us along throughout the itinerary."

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 Noviembre 6, 2017

Kris and Tom share their experience visiting us at the end of the world. Their blog is for those who want to learn, for those who want to participate, and for those who enjoy a good meal and a friendly conversation at the end of the day.

"The southern spring provides plenty of snow and water–and lovely clouds–to make your landscape even more inviting."

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 July 11, 2017

Santiago Rinaldi visited us at Ushuaia Blanca and did not miss our Pioneers Night

"Everything is provided by the same company. In a comfortable transfer you arrive at night, to the snowy valley; the cold in the face and the white mantle take over your first sensations. It is there to enjoy an adventure that you can not imagine."
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