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Tour description

You will be going from EL Calafate to Punta Bandera Port, where you will sail through the Icbergs Channel towards Seno Mayo, to disembark in Toro Bay and take an interpretative hike in the Andean Forest. Then, back on the boat you will be sailing through Seno Mayo at Lake Argentino where you will see some glaciers in Mayo Mount and hanging glaciers at Black Mount; you will disembark and start another hike through the forest towards a rocky wall wher you will be able to have 360° views of a stunning landscape. Afterwards you will sail towards the north face of Perito Moreno Glacier, disembark at Moreno Port and walk along the walkways and viewpoints. To finish, back on the boat you will sail back to Punta Bandera Port.
Transfers and boat ride tickets.
Not included:
National Park entrance fee and lunch box.

Photos and Videos

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