About us

Tierra del Fuego Aventura is a company formed by young entrepreneurs whose main objective is to provide the best experience in Ushuaia and its surroundings.
We offer exclusive services to small groups, visiting the most emblematic places and unique itineraries. Introducing new charms and interacts with new landscapes, plants, fauna and history at the End of the World.
We have a broad experience in the tourism market and a lot of knowledge of the island. Considering this we look for the excellence in the service we provide to our clients, looking after the place where we are living and working. An unique experience of interaction with the environment.
Crossing the Andes on a 4x4, sailing Tierra del Fuego National Park coast, crossing the Antartic Circle by ship or making the most attractive snowmobile journey. Your will feel connected to nature and this beautiful place with us.
If you are looking for enjoy your visit in Tierra del Fuego from the beginning of your adventure, do not hesitate to communicate with us.

“Because Adventure is not living on the edge. Adventure is to enjoy the most ”

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